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Collier County

The largest and southernmost county in the study area, Collier County offers a diverse range of landscapes, attractions, and amenities. It is home to the communities of Naples, Golden Gate Estates, Immokalee, and Ave Maria, as well as major outdoor destinations such as Big Cypress National Preserve and Collier-Seminole State Park. Additional local highlights include Baker Park, Gordon River Greenway, and the new Paradise Coast Sports Complex. The recently completed study for the Paradise Coast Trail envisions a 70+ mile multi-use trail network traversing the county and connecting many of these key destinations.

Collier County Map showing state parks.
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The opportunities for a regional trail network in Collier County are primarily associated with the alternatives defined in the
Paradise Coast Trail (PCT) Pathway Report and Feasibility Study (June 2022) that connect Immokalee to Collier-Seminole State Park. The north-south component of the PCT aligns with major segments of the priority pathway planned for Collier County that is also included in the State Priority Land Trails and SUN Trail networks. This includes the existing Rich King Memorial Greenway, portions of existing trail along US 41 (Tamiami Trail), and a utility corridor segment adjacent to Livingston Road to be studied in a planned PD&E study. The east-west component of the PCT is based in part on segments of the spine trail network defined in the Collier MPO Bicycle and Pedestrian Master Plan. This component would link Baker Park and Gordon River Greenway with the Paradise Coast Sports Complex and continue east to Immokalee where it would eventually connect to points north as part of a Collier to Polk regional trail. Collier County has a number of existing assets that could be leveraged in association with a regional trail, such as its national, state, county, and municipal parks. The county includes eight Great Florida Birding Trail sites and 14 Florida Heritage Trail sites that are part of five Florida Heritage Trails.

Example Destinations in Collier County


Residents and tourists to Collier County spend an estimated $2.7 billion annually on outdoor recreation, the highest of the study area counties. Collier County offers a number of assets that support visitor spending on outdoor recreation and trails including beaches, expansive natural areas, and sports facilities hosting events and tournaments. Activities include biking, hiking, and wildlife viewing, paddling, and boating. The following summarizes the annual spending by residents and tourists in Collier County for these activities typically associated with a multi-use trail, based on the 2019 Statewide Conservation Outdoor Recreation Plan (SCORP).

The Total Outdoor Recreation Spending is
$2.7B in Collier County

Graphic showing Collier County Demographics.
Graphic showing resident and visitor spending for fitness walking, biking, hiking, and wildlife viewing for Collier County.